Eddie's at the International Pizza Expo

"What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas"...

Pizza Guy

... but we couldn't keep this to ourselves! Last month the Eddie's team took Vegas by storm. Led by our Pizza Manager Nate Finalet, we finished in 4th place out of 12 "Detroit" Style Pizzas, 9th place out of 51 Pan Pizzas, and 25th place out of 317 total competitors. 

    Ever since we have decided to add "Detroit" Pizzas to our menu Nate has done nothing but impress us when it comes to his creativity and passion for "Detroit" style pizza. 

    If you haven't tried our "Detroit" style pizza yet we highly recommend coming to Eddie's to taste our outstanding version of this thick, chewy, crispy, and cheesy style of pizza. 

- May 2nd, 2023