Those who know and love Eddie’s Pizzeria & Eatery can now call them by their new name, Eddie’s Italian Eatery. The New Eddie's Italian Eatery

It is the same Eddie’s you know and love, just a slight name modification to reflect to the new ambiance and Italian experience the renovated eatery will offer. The altered title also comes with a new motto of “Italian-American Inspired Cuisine”, focusing on the food as a whole and mirroring the attraction of authentic Italian food. It’s much, much more than just pizza.

“We evolved into more of an Italian Eatery,” said Eddie Inglese, owner of Eddie’s Italian Eatery. The same owners and staff will still be on hand, but will focus more on their Italian offerings.

The change comes with a more updated look with new décor inside, including Cinque Terra Paintings that whisk you away to enhance your Italian dining experience and make you feel as though you’re actually eating by a European countryside, hilltop village. All of the Italian eats you know and love, along with craft beer and wine, will still be available on a redesigned menu to go along with the rest of the Italian ambiance.

Eddie’s is the spot for those who love pairing hearty Italian and wine. Enjoy a glass, half bottle or bottle of some of your favorite white and red brands.

Eddie’s Italian Eatery also supports and sells pints, mugs and pitchers of the finest beers from local breweries such as: Old Stump Brewery, Claremont Craft Ales and their Rye IPA Jacaranda, and Last Name and their California Amber Lager Pomona Queen. Choose one of them to pair with your favorite pastas, salads, pizzas, calzones, and much more.

The more authentic Italian Specialties include Chicken Marsala, Parmigiana, Meatloaf Italiano, Steak Sinatra, Salmon Piccata, and more.
Eddie’s Italian Eatery is part of a family of restaurants along with Spaghetti Eddie’s Cucina Italiana in Glendora and the Italian Chophouse, Tutti Mangia in Claremont, all owned by Absolutely Italian Management Group.

The new name also comes with a modified web address as well with
Come on out and enjoy some authentic Italian cuisine with your favorite drink